Jeff Burstow
2015 - Golden Gloves - Reserves Grade
2014 - Golden Gloves - Reserves Grade
Name Jeff Burstow
Position Defender

Jeff has been with USQ FC for the last 8 years and is approaching being inducted into the USQ FC Life members status which is achieved after 10 years with the club. Over the time Jeff has shown his talent and drive for the game and one of his proudest moments came when he was part of the Premier team that won the final in 2013. During that season Jeff played in various positions and at one stage was top scorer in both Premier grade and Reserve grade. In 2016 Jeff has taken the position of Vice President at USQ FC and we hope that he continues to be intergrall part of USQ and hopefully one day President of the Club.


Training Skills
  • Goals 30
  • Appearances +100
  • Top Speed kph
  • Years with Club
  • Playing years