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Toara Park

Toara Park is the home of USQ Football Club. With a fantastic Club house featuring Canteen, Games Room and entertaining facilities, Toara Park is perfect to hire for birthdays and other events. 

Toara Park also has upgraded LED lights and changing room facilities for multiple teams.

Toara Park Features

* Full size Soccer pitch with box net goals

* Fencing around 80% off the pitch (available for signage)

* Club House

* Dugouts with Racing Car Seats

* Changing Room with Toilets

* Radio Room

* TV Media Room

* Plenty of Parking

* Warm up area

Toara Park Club house Features

* Fully equipped Kitchen

* Canteen Digital Menu

* Games Room

* Club Shop

* Office

* Equipment Room

* TV/s and Projector

* Tables and Seating

* Sound and Music System

To find out more about Toara Park Clubhouse or to Book an Event, please go to


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