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How is the Athletics Department planning to keep users and staff safe?

Student, staff, faculty and community members’ health and safety is our priority.

This is a list of changes that we need to make in our operations and every day routines in an effort to minimize exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Planning follows the hierarchy of controls below.

Guiding Principles for re-opening

  • The Health and Safety of all our students, members, and community users
  • Continue to offer high quality programming and services we are known for, while mitigating risk.
  • Continue to prioritize fiscal responsibility and revenue generation.
  • Fewer Faces – Bigger Spaces
  • Don’t Bring It; Don’t Spread It; Don’t Catch It

Actions required from full time & part time staff, and/or members & students:

  • Work from home and conduct virtual meetings, if possible
  • Stay home as much as possible – enjoy our virtual programming
  • When outside of your home, practice physical distancing
  • Physical distancing means limiting close contact with other people to slow the spread of an infectious disease by keeping at least two meters (six feet) away from one another
  • Face coverings need to be worn at all times when physical distancing is not possible or not predictable.
  • If you are ill, have flu like symptoms or have a fever or cough, stay home
  • Avoid crowded places and non-essential gatherings
  • Greet people with a wave instead of a handshake or fist bump
  • Control access
  • Limiting occupancy
  • Signage in facility to physical distance or wear a face covering if this is not possible or predicted
  • Enforcement
  • Pre-screening for staff and clients
  • Manage entry points – markers, queues
  • Increase sanitation practices and signage to encourage proper hand and face hygiene
  • Students, members and staff should leave when done activity – no congregating

Elimination Goals

  • Stay home if sick
  • Self-assessments at start of shift
  • Maintain physical distancing
  • No contact greetings

Substitution Goals

  • Work from home, if possible
  • Virtual programming

Engineering Goals

  • Redesign layout of facility in zones – sign up required for each zone
  • Block access to pieces that cannot be moved to accommodate physical distancing
  • Install barriers between strength equipment, in consult rooms and at swipe in desk
  • Limit numbers in areas and facility
  • Delineate spaces – physical markers of space –signs, footprints etc.
  • Eliminate access points
  • Hand sanitizer stations on equipment and at all entrances
  • Cleaning schedules
  • Ventilation flush regularly
  • Bins for staff to put belongings in – not communal space
  • No congregation in staff offices

Administrative Goals

  • Physical distance and face covering requirements
  • Signage, training, and education


  • Each facility will make a map to define plans for circulation, direction, queuing, and layout.
  • Floor decals to implement plans for circulation, direction, queuing, and layout to encourage physical distancing have been installed.
  • Communication materials such as posters for: Hand hygiene reminders; Hand Washing guidelines; Participant and Staff Screening reminders; Equipment Cleaning Reminder; Closed/Open/In/Out/Capacity signs; Facility Specific Notices and Rules will be posted, including elevator use communication.
  • Plexi-glass barriers for countertops have been installed for front desk/reception locations.
  • Drinking fountains out of service: All water drinking fountains will be taped off as they are not to be used. Water bottle dispensers will still be available for use.
  • Paper towel dispensers have been installed.
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations have been installed


  • Custodial Services maintains and cleans our facilities with the exception of the areas listed below*. Our Facility Manager is working closely with Custodial services to ensure high standard of cleaning for high touch public areas such as main corridors, washrooms, changerooms, elevators and stairwells.
  • Personal offices will be cleaned at off-hours to maintain physical distancing
  • Personal desktops and personal items will not be cleaned by Custodial. Individuals occupying these spaces will be asked to clean their own spaces regularly. Shared service stations such as client services, equipment lending and fitness centre control, will be cleaned by each employee at the start and end of their shift, and anytime during a shift where a new employee is introduced to the work station (i.e. break coverage)
  • Cleaning practices to be constantly reviewed and align with Custodial Services and industry best practices.
  • *Internal cleaning plans are in place for the Fitness Centre, Fitness Studios, High Performance Training Centre, and changeroom lockers

How does the new Ontario Covid -19 response framework affect programming?

On November 3, 2020 the Ontario provincial government introduced a new Covid -19 response framework (COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open). We are already doing many of the requirements and thank you for your effort in compliance with these efforts. To stay up to date on how this may affect you by visiting our " What's New" page on gryphons.ca/fitandrec

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