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Toara Park - BAKER STREET, Darling Heights

Competition and Prize value will be dependant

on number of teams that enter the 


To stop the day being to long for all teams and players, and due to overwhelming feedback received after the carnival last year, we have decided to run the women's competition in the morning and the mens competition in the afternoon.

The USQ FC Snack Shack will be running throughout the day to supply food, drink and refreshments.

 USQFC welcomes teams from Toowoomba and across the Darling Downs to participate in the Umbro Cup, which is a 7-a-side football tournament to be held on Saturday 10 February 2024, at USQ Toara Park (118-126 Baker Street) (off Baker Street, Darling Heights Toowoomba). 


 The Umbro Cup will be played over one day, with all men’s and ladies teams playing a minimum number of Group Matches followed by Finals Matches. 


Note: All times are indicative only and subject to change following team registrations

Signing In

 Each team captain, or a person nominated by a captain, must ensure all players are registered and fees paid prior to the first match. A full list of players who will be playing for that team, must be provided to the Umbro Cup Coordinator prior to the first match. It is strongly encouraged that this is organised prior to the competition day. 

Any players not registered will not be eligible to take to the field. Any teams found playing unregistered players, will forfeit that match. Teams and Players must be registered at least 15 minutes prior to that team’s first match. 



It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to distribute the Umbro Cup Rules to all team members. It is the responsibility of each player to ensure they read and understand the Rules. 

All players must conduct themselves in a way that is respectful and considerate to team members, opposing teams, referees/officials and spectators. 

All of the regular “Football Australia Laws of the Game” will apply, with the following exceptions: 

  • Matches will be played on a smaller field with smaller goals. Two (2) games shall be played concurrently, as per the Cup Draw. The Umbro Cup fields will be marked with white line marking paint. 

  • A maximum of seven (7) players shall take to the field at any one time. A minimum of five (5) players shall constitute a team. 

  • Each match shall be one 20-minute period of play. There will be no half-time break. 

  • There shall be no coin toss before the start of play. The end of the field that each team starts at shall be determined by the Draw. The team allocated to the eastern end of the field (AFL Oval End) shall take the kick off at the start of the match. 

  • The beginning and end of each match shall be signalled by a siren / air horn. 

  • Each match will have one (1) referee and no (0) assistant referees / linesperson. 

  • There is no off-side. 

  • A substitution may take place without informing the referee. This is to avoid slowing the flow of play. Substitutions may only happen during a stoppage in play and must be from the halfway line. 

  • Instead of a goal kick, goalkeepers may either kick the ball off of the ground or throw the ball with their hands to restart play. 

  • Goalkeepers can restart play by throwing the ball, kicking the ball out of their hands, or kicking the ball off the ground. However, from the goalkeeper restart, the ball must not go over the half-way line on the full. This will incur an indirect free kick on halfway for the opposition. For clarity, this rule only applies to goalkeeper restarts. In open play, the goalkeeper may throw or kick the ball over the half-way line. 

  • Yellow and Red cards will be used as per regular matches. 

  • A player who incurs a red card will be suspended for their next Umbro Cup match. 

  • Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated and will be managed in accordance with the regular “Laws of the Game”. 

  • Shin pads MUST be worn by all players. 

  • There will be no borrowing of players from other teams. Players can only play for one (1) registered Umbro Cup team. 

  • Where there are teams of same colours, bibs will be made available. ​


The number of teams that register for the Umbro Cup will determine the number of Groups that teams are placed in for the day. The Cup Groups will be randomly drawn (Football World Cup / Champions League style) once the final team lists are known. 

There will be ten (10) men’s teams and seven (7) ladies teams registered in the Umbro Cup. For the men’s competition, this will result in two (2) Groups (M1 and M2) with five (5) teams in each Group. For the ladies competition, this will result in one (1) Group (L) with all seven (7) teams in that Group. Each registered team will play a minimum of four (4) Group Stage matches. 

The Semi Finals shall be decided upon by rankings. Semi Final winners will progress to the Men’s Umbro Cup Grand Final and the Ladies Umbro Cup Grand Final match. Every team registered in the Umbro Cup is guaranteed a minimum four (4) matches throughout the day. 

During the Group Stage, points will be awarded as follows: 

  • 4 points for a win 

  • 2 points for a scored draw 

  • 1 point for a scoreless draw 

  • 0 points for a loss 

  • 1 bonus point will be awarded for every three (3) goals scored in a single match by a single team 

  • 1 bonus point will be awarded for keeping the opposition scoreless in a match (with the exception of a scoreless draw, for which no bonus points shall be awarded). 

If a team forfeits, then the opposition will be automatically awarded a 3-0 victory and receive 4 competition points (no bonus points awarded for a forfeit). 

At the completion of the Group Stage matches, teams will be ranked by: 

  • Points 

  • Goal Difference 

  • Goals Scored 


If teams can still not be split, the result of the match between those two teams will determine the higher ranked team. If teams can still not be split, the number of red cards, followed by yellow cards, given to each of the two (2) teams, will determine the higher ranked team. 

If a draw occurs during a Semi Final or Grand Final match, five (5) minutes of additional time will be added. This shall be a ‘sudden death’ format, where ‘next goal wins’. If at the end of this additional time, the scores are still level (that is, no additional goals have been scored), a penalty shootout will occur as per regulation football rules. 


 8:30am to 12:15pm 


 1:15pm to 6:15pm 


 Ladies Cup Matches (20 minutes each match) 

 Ladies Umbro Cup Grand Final 

 Men’s Cup Matches (20 minutes each match) 

 Men’s Umbro Cup Grand Final 

Field Map

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 8.55_edited.jpg



Pay your nomination fee now

Thanks for your enquiry. See you there!

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